Pre-Order The Sketchbook

Pre-Order The Sketchbook

THE SKETCHBOOK will be printed life-sized - in a 9" x 11.5” hardcover. Each page reproduced in full color ‘floating' inside black-borders. The entire book will be matte black with a Smyth Sewn binding. Page edges will be glossed black, as will the debossed title on the cover.


THE SKETCHBOOK runs to 150 pages, and while various original pages have been sold over the years to collectors, this is the first time anyone can own the whole tome.


In addition to Paul's original codex, this tome will include 74 more pages from Paul’s remarkable Portfolio, bringing the total to 224 pages.


This is a pre-order. The book is currently queued with the printer for June of 2022. After printing it will be shipped to us, then we will begin the process of mailing out the book to buyers. Please expect a wait of 4-6 months before you recieve your order.